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Shamanism | Shamanic Healing Practitioner in San Diego, CA

Shamanism is an ancient practice of mind, body, and spirit healing dating back before written history. The aboriginal culture of Australia goes back perhaps 50,000 years, and contains practices of shamanism. The practice of shamanism existed across cultures and may date back further than 60,000 years. It originated in the Paleolithic hunting cultures of Siberia where Mongolian shamans utilized the drum for both healing and inducing a trance-like state. Once the shaman achieved an altered state, they could go on spiritual journeys to the transcendent realms where they would encounter their helping spirits. A shaman usually has many helping spirits and totem animal guides who share their wisdom and help them with healing. The shaman can easily communicate with all spirits. They can also do soul retrieval work for someone who is lost or suffering. 

Benefits of Shamanism

Ultimately, most of us are seeking to have more meaningful connections with ourselves and others, but so often we get caught up in the daily stressers of life. When we are able to fully surrender and allow ourselves to access states of higher consciousness through the use of rattles or drumming, we discover our authentic selves.

Through the practice of singing our soul songs, dancing and going on Shamanic

journeys, we are able to deepen our connection with our soul and thus expand

our consciousness. Each time we move into non-ordinary reality states, we can

discover new possibilities for living a life filled with deeper meaning and joy.

What is Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healers access the assistance of helping spirits, and access other

realms of existence to provide healing help. The ceremonies a shamanic

practitioner might use will vary depending upon what the client needs.

Is Shamanism a Religion

Shamanism, as we know it, is not religion. At least, it is not when viewed through

the lens of traditional organized religion. Shamanism does not have any of these trappings:

~ There is no doctrine. While there are many books about shamanism, there are no central religious texts.

~ There is no dogma. There are no rules set out by a central authority or expressed as divine directives.

~ There is no organization or central authority. While there are some 

   organizations for the study of shamanism, there is no central organizing body, and they do not serve to assert authority over     


Native American Drum Maker

Is Shamanism cultural appropriation

This is a huge question. To simplify, no - the practice of shamanism itself is not cultural appropriation. This is because shamanism does not belong to a single culture. There are Native American shamans, Scandinavian and Celtic shamans, African, and Australian shamans. Something like 79% of hunter-gatherer tribes studied have someone who fulfills the role of shaman.

Shamanism belongs to no single culture and seems to spring up archetypally everywhere. It is part of the human fabric of symbolic and spiritual thought. Shamanism is part of what makes us human, and it most likely predates any existing culture.

Cultural appropriation becomes problematic when a person imitates, disrespects, or steals from a culture that is not theirs. If I were to, for example, imitate Native American rituals from tribes I have no connection to, I would be cheapening and stealing.

There is a bit of a gray area here because some cultures openly share and welcome others to share their cultural knowledge. They may view spiritual truths belonging to all of humanity regardless of their parents, ethnicity, or birth location.

Energy Healing Benefits Include:

​~ Stress relief

Calming of the mind and nervous system
~ Promotion of good health
~ Easing of emotional trauma
~ Clearing blocked and stagnant energy.
~ Stimulation of the immune response in the body
~ Empowering yourself to create self-healing.

Areas in which energy healing can help Mind, Body & Spirit:
~ Childhood or birth trauma
~ Job-related stress
~ Depression or sadness
~ Anxiety, anger, and rage
~ Low self-esteem and self-worth

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