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I had a C2C with Kris and I was blown away! Her insight and connection was incredible! She followed up with a voice message and it took me a few days to respond because it was so powerful. At the time of the C2C I felt so relaxed and in a space I felt so comfortable in. So many things came to me, it wasn't until I received Kris' voice message that it all came together. I booked  a second one two-weeks later. These are life changing!




I'm so grateful to have been able to take part in a power animal retrieval led by Kris. It was something totally new to me but I felt so comfortable because Kris explained everything about how it would work & created such a safe space for it. It's truly hard to explain what happened for me but it was a very spiritual experience unlike anything I've done before. I'm forever thankful to Kris for leading this experience & helping me to achieve a place of calm that allowed me to drop into this spirit world.


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This was incredible! I laid down and Kris worked her magic. The beautiful drumming was amazing! I was able to really relax and just feel the drum healing. Kris received so many messages and tuned in to exactly some issues  that I was having. When she was done, my physical pain was gone! I couldn't believe the relief I felt. She is really good and I now get monthly healings from her. I am trying Acasma healing next time! 


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Mentor Feedback

Kris graduated from my Shamanic training. She is a truly dedicated and gifted healer who is 'all in'. Kris' compassionate nature and strong intuition, along with her empathic abilities, are wonderful attributes that allow her to support her clients with their deep healing and transformation. Kris is also a great listener who

is curious about her client's lives. During the training, I saw so much growth in Kris as a healer and a person. She is truly a shining light who loves to help people with her wide array of healing tools which include: drumming, crystals, energy healing, Shamanic journeying and much more. I highly recommend Kris to anyone who is seeking healing on all levels.

She will lovingly support you to heal and release whatever no longer serves you so you can access your highest potential.


Michele Cempaka

Mentor, Medicine Woman,

Intuitive Coach & Retreat Leader

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Kris has the most beautiful heart. Doing a Shamanic session with her was an eye opening experience. I came out of the session a different person, there was a shift within me that is inexplainable. It was certainly for the better. Her gifts are very strong, and she helped me work through a lot of emotional blockages. I would definitely recommend Kris if  you get the chance! 


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I have worked with Kris on several different healing sessions. Her approach is peaceful, rejuvenating, honest, and engaged. After each session I felt more in touch with my souls purpose and more prepared to focus on my own growth. Her preparation shows during each session and I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. As I continue my spiritual growth and healing, I will, without a doubt, continue to work with Kris.

Mike G


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