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Holding you close with love...
Holistic Intuitive Energy Healing
Acasma Facilitator and Grand Master DEA, Shaman, Wellness Coach, Sound Healing...
*Discover the Power of Quantum Healing*
et's walk together...

Acasma Quantum Energy Healer based in San Diego, CA

Welcome to this Space,

I'm Kris, Acasma Quantum Energy Facilitator and Master Teacher DEA.

By working with people all over the world in both a healing and teaching capacity, I have come to recognize a spiritual truth: Each of us is of divine light and energy. Everyone deserves more love, more comfort, and more fulfillment. You have a spark of light and energy within you that connects you to everything. 

Our individual light and energy represents our soul's purpose, our unique mission in the here and now. It is my soul's purpose to lead people on their self-healing and spiritual journey through alternative, holistic energy work. To help others clear their way to recognizing their light and energy within and to follow their souls path. 

It is with deep gratitude that I welcome you. I am excited to work with you and guide you on the most life-changing, yet rewarding, beautiful journey. What a world we would be living in if everyone followed their true soul's-purpose, full of love, light and compassion.

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                                                                                 With love,


Acasma Quantum Energy Crown Connection

“I am a guide. I am here to show you how powerful, strong, whole, and complete you are as a spark of divine light and love. I help you meet yourself where you are so you can embark on your self-healing. I will not heal you, you will heal yourself through my guidance and love.”

My Work

I have spent my lifetime as a spiritual seeker, practicing and learning many different spiritual and healing modalities including: Reiki, Mindfulness Meditation, Vedic Meditation, Lemurian Crystal Healing, Archangel Divination, Healing Touch, Symphony of the Cells, Herbalism, Yoga, Aromatherapist, Chakra Healing and Aligning, Master Tarot, Shamanism, Acasma Quantum Facilitator, and Acasma Master Teacher (in progress). Because of my years studying and practicing a variety of healing systems, I can intuitively receive messages of what my clients' needs are and use many different modalities to provide sessions that facilitate deep-healing and transformation. I love what I do and have a deep passion for this path that I walk. I am inspired everyday by my clients and know I have found my soul's-calling.

Mind Body Soul Energy Healing

I started my journey to help others as a Registered Nurse helping people on their journey to health however, it lacked holistic, organic, and alternative health. There was no opportunity to support people as a whole (mind, body, and spirit). I went back to school and earned my masters degree in education. I hoped through education I could teach the next generations of nurses to work with patients holistically and humanly. However, teaching in an institution became just as difficult as working in a hospital or clinic. It was actually traumatizing for me and I became physically and emotionally ill. I was not living my true souls-passion. I finally decided I had enough and left the profession to build my own business of holistic health. I followed my soul's-purpose to help others on their self-healing and spiritual journey through energy work. 

I started by working on my self-healing, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I found incredible comfort and growth in my gifts through my Shamanism and Acasma work. Meditation changed my life. Living in gratitude was life-altering. I have been able to heal my health issues and have cleared deep trauma. This has allowed me to grow within my souls-passion and become connected on a deeper level.  

Along the way, many people have come to me for healing, divination, and soul work. I love to work with everyone, if they are open for the journey. My passion for teaching comes through my lifelong quest to help people recognize, embrace, and embody their own power.

With Gratitude

​I have worked with many on my life-long journey and I have been honored to learn from some of the best teachers and mentors. My deepest gratitude for their love, mentorship, and support that has taken me to levels I never thought I could reach. They have broken down my walls and shells and lifted me up at critical times. I will forever be grateful for their support and love. We all need a guiding light at some time.

Meredith came into my life with a light force like no other! Her unending love and support while showing me the path of myself and Acasma healing has been life-changing. Our journey together has been the catalyst to open the doors to my gifts. When I did not believe there was ever going to be light again for me, she shined like a beacon and led the way for me. I am deeply grateful to her and for breathing new life in me at a very dark time on my journey. She is a true beacon of light and love. Acasma is one of my favorite forms of energy work and the healing is endless! @majestiklioness

My Shaman work with Michele has been one of the most grounding, beautiful journeys I have completed. She is an amazing shaman, always open to be there for me, and travels the world sharing her passion. My shaman work has opened a world for me that connects me back to lifetimes of lineage. I love journeying with people and helping them on their journeys. I am very grateful for her in my life and making the connection to my shaman lineage! @spiritweaverjourneys

Bonnie is the Tarot Guru! Her unending knowledge of Tarot is astounding! This lady is incredible! Her Master Tarot and her passion is of another kind. She teaches from history and really reaches depths no others have ever touched upon. She really is a one of a kind soul. What a gift it is and has been to learn from her! @bonnie_mitchell

Walking Crow is an incredible healer that has opened up my drumming and soul songs. He does transformational work and comes from the heart. I will forever drum from my heart and soul because of his beautiful spirit and guidance. He births the most fabulous drums ever, he has been a true gift to me! @sacreddrummedicine

All information provided by Sacred Soul during readings, rituals, spiritual healings, blessings, ceremonies, consultations, visits, Full & New moon blessings, Healing grids, group sessions or any other communications (the “Services”) shall be considered by all parties to be explicitly for educational, spiritual, or entertainment purposes only. These services are not intended to replace the care or guidance of a physician or therapist. Always consult your physician or therapist before changing anything.

Shaman Drum Healing
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